4 summer nights (Part 1)


   It’s June 21st and we all know that’s the first day of summer! Tonight I’m going out with my best friends Ben, Sam and Jordan. We’re probably just getting into some stupid teen stuff because that’s the type of kids we are. I can’t wait… I think I’ll play some PlayStation to kill some time. 

   I jump up as I hear my mother calling me. “Isaac!… ISAAC!” I go down stairs to see what she wants and I see my friends on the couch. What’s up guys!? I ask everyone. Everyone stood up and said “not too much”. You guys ready to go out? I ask everyone. Jordan’s the only one who responded. “Of course”. I grab my backpack and say “let’s go guys. Cya later mom.”

    Guys. We need to hurry up before we miss the buss. If we’re going to make it across town in time we have to get to the bus stop in 5 minutes. As we’re running i can see Ben slowing down. Are you ok, ben? Ben responded. Yeah, I’m fine. As we approach the bus I can see a creepy guy down the street staring at us but I don’t want to stare so I try not to pay him any mind. So we get on the bus and we take our seats. As the bus drives down the street, the guy is staring at us as the bus passes him. He doesn’t even blink. I get chills going down my spine but nobody else notices the scary looking guy in the distance. Maybe I’m just seeing things…

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I’ll be making 4 parts to this story. I hope everyone enjoys the short story “4 Summer nights”. The more views and feedback the more stories I’ll be writing for you guys. Thank you